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"SEO is one of the most effective forms of marketing in the World"

"Google Ads ( if used correctly ) is one of the most effective forms of advertising in the World"

"Social Media ( if used smartly ) is one of the most effective public relations opportunities in the World"

Zipp are SEO specialists

Zipp posts and arranges backlinks from high quality related websites.

Zipp creates original unique relevant content to post on a client's website or high quality websites with similar readers.

Zipp creates, distributes and posts press releases to share information about a client's services or products.

Zipp adds articles on any of the thirty websites that it owns and publishes.

Zipp creates or repairs business websites.

Google SEO

"Zipp" is a complete SEO product pack with no monthly fees"

Zipp makes SEO less complex

A Zipp SEO package satisfies the three vital components of search engine optimisation.

1. 10 new articles researched, written and published on high domain authority websites with links to the customer's website.

2. 5 new articles with unique relevant content to be published on the customer's website.

3. 10 backlinks placed on high quality third party websites pointing to the customer's website.
Zipp SEO offers fast, effective and affordable SEO services

1300 205 504

Zipp SEO is the fast, effective and affordable SEO service